Commercial photography across the UK for Sibcas modular

A commercial photography case study

The brief

This project came to reddishpink photography via our sister company reddishpink, who were carrying out an extensive marketing project for Sibcas modular. The project included the creation of a website, advertising campaign, a range of brochures, and an ongoing social media and SEO campaign. They also needed us to document a number of their more unique projects so that their sales team could offer evidence of success and up to date information.

The outcome

Reddishpink photography worked with Sibcas to establish a detailed list of requirements and to discover what photographs would be needed to show their unique proposition. At the start of the project, we visited many UK locations, gathering both big picture and detail shots of their offices and manufacturing facilities. Over four years, Reddishpink visited Sibcas sites to create an online library of over 2000 professional shots. These shots were used to develop case studies in print and digital formats.

The end result is a comprehensive set of images covering Sibcas people, products, manufacturing facilities and key locations.

The combined work of Reddishpink media and Reddishpink photography has lead to massive success for Sibcas. Our work has lifted the Sibcas brand image to a much more professional level and increased the number of incoming enquiries received every week by over 300%.

Examples of our work

Product photography

Examples of our work

Team portrait photography

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