Talented and professional commercial photographers

Imagination, and plenty of it

Reddishpink is a creative commercial photography agency with over 25 years of experience in the production of high-quality images. We create impactful images for a wide range of marketing media and work for a variety of organisations ranging from blue-chips and advertising agencies to SME’s. Our work improves the image of our clients’ brands’, empowers the creation of hard-hitting media and increases engagement across all marketing channels.

A passion for perfection

Images that pay for themselves

We enjoy nothing better than being in the thick of the action where our experience, diligence and expertise come to the fore and pay dividends for clients. Our energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and our images work very hard for the organisations they represent.

reddishpink photography is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reddishpink media, a marketing and communications business.

Artistically talented

Our lead creative photographer, Mark Ellison, has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for 25+ years with a wide range of clients ranging from international companies to start-ups. As well as having excellent creative and technical skills, Mark is renowned for his enthusiasm, energy and approachable, friendly personality.

Fionna Ellison brings excellent organisational skills and an eagle eye for the details, gleaned from 15 years in international business travel management for senior executives in blue-chip organisations. Fionna is creative, super-friendly, and her attitude is infectious.

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Art. Science. An experienced team.

Vision, talent and a comprehensive understanding of light and composition make a vast difference creatively. Add the benefits of high-quality professional photography and lighting equipment, and creativity takes flight.
To ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability to our clients’, we own a range of professional Leica cameras and lenses.

Beautiful light – under our complete control.

Our high-quality photo gear is backed up with a massive range of portable lighting. Powerful Profoto B1 commercial strobe lights, Lupolux Daylite LED and Arri tungsten lights. Used with a wide range of light modifiers, this allows us to produce excellent quality of light in any situation. We can make create impactful shots of anything from a strawberry to a skyscraper.

Why choose reddishpink photography?

Our clients come to us because they are looking for unique images to enhance their business image. We are friendly, creative and commercially minded people who deliver to high standards and make their lives easy. Professional photography makes the difference between brands that stand out and those that don’t and, in an increasingly competitive digital world, they need an edge. That’s where we come in.

Like what you see? Let’s talk. For an individual quotation, please E-Mail us your photography requirements or call us on 07872 812200

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